Where this blog came from, and where I hope it’s going.

books by covers
I read enough on my own time to indulge in some people-watching on the Q.  This is a list of the people I catch reading a book on the subway, and a few stream-of-consciousness observations about their exterior. There’s no real study here, it’s just a fun habit I picked up, and started writing down.

Whether you want to know the best latte in NYC, or have someone to empathize with the post-grad struggle, I’d love to hear from you. You can also just shoot me an email (, or find me on Insta or Twitter.

subway devotionals
When I was in high school, I got in the habit of doing my devos at night, before I went to bed. It was great closure, and it’s how I got through college. But when I started this new job, one without Christian community, and a thousand miles from the people who would keep me accountable and encourage me, I knew I needed more time in the Word. So I’d pick a verse in the morning before I left, and journal on the train. Those thoughts are here, and they’re perfect for quick fixes of Scripture.